Reality Check- Dalia Stoddard 

This new feature highlights the transformative effects Rodan + Fields products can have on people’s skin. This month, Dalia Stoddard, our Vice President of Product Development, shares her skin story and the reasons why Rodan + Fields is the only skincare brand in her medicine cabinet. Growing up, I was very lucky to have good skin. I never had acne but started using skincare products, like moisturizer, as a teenager. I remember going to the Clinique counter with my mom during free-gift purchase time because that was the big mother lode. I guess skincare was my calling, even then.

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What’s Trending? 

Throughout 2015, the Rodan + Fields team will be tracking the top trending questions about skin and skincare so Derm RF can bring you a curated collection of insightful answers to the issues that are piquing the world’s curiosity—and yours. Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields answer our top trending question for January: How do I select the right products for my skin type? Skin conditions are universal. Lines and wrinkles, acne, sun damage and sensitivity are all equal opportunity offenders—no matter your skin type, gender or skin color. Skin is skin, and results come from using clinically proven products that address your skin concerns, not your skin type. Start by identifying your most pressing skin problems and then find a skincare regimen to address them.

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Fact vs. Fiction 

When it comes to caring for your skin, you don’t have to go to extremes to age extremely well. While peels, injections, lasers, microdermabrasion and other procedures can yield great results, they require regular visits to the dermatologist’s office and come with a huge skinpact—they’re expensive, sometimes painful and often have considerable recovery time.

The truth is, with modern advances in skincare science, daily skincare can often make more of a long-term difference than in-office procedures. A smart skincare regimen, along with healthy habits, such as getting plenty of beauty sleep (on your back), eating right and exercising regularly, can influence up to 80% of your skin’s future.

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Discovery Zone 

Stay ahead of the curve and gain new insights as Derm RF presents the latest research on skin and skincare. What if at age 85, you could have few, if any, wrinkles? Sound impossible? Not if you live in Yuzurihara, Japan, a small, mountainous village two hours from Tokyo, where smooth-skinned 90-year-olds are commonplace. In fact, 10% of the population is aged 85 or older—10 times the norm for North America—and most have the plump skin of people decades younger.
The town doctor who studied the villagers for 60 years suggested that their youthfulness is tied to their steady diet of locally grown root vegetables and starchy “sticky” potatoes. These foods, it turns out, promote hyaluronic acid levels in the body.

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Ask The Doctors 

If you had two of the most renowned skincare experts cornered at a party, what would you ask them? Starting on January 29, 2015, our new Derm RF feature, “Ask the Doctors,” will give you on-call access to hear straight from Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields with answers to your most pressing skin concerns. With more than 50 years of combined clinical experience, our pair o’ docs will offer up intelligent, informative and empowering advice to help you take control of your skin’s destiny.

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It’s a New Year … Express Yourself 

Did you know that the human face can make more than 10,000 unique expressions? It is a landscape of our emotional life, displaying our amusement and intelligence, our vulnerability and strength, our compassion and kindness. As we get older, many of these expressions begin to “stick,” revealing themselves in expression lines even at times when our faces are not showing emotion. These fine lines and wrinkles, along with enlarged pores, dull skin and other signs of aging, cause many of us to become dissatisfied with the reflection we see in the mirror.

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Did You Know … With the aging journey lasting longer, your skin also has to go the extra distance? 

As scientific breakthroughs and healthier lifestyles push life expectancy rates upward, centenarians are becoming more the rule than the exception.
In fact, the Office of National Statistics predicts that approximately one out of every three babies born today will live to be 100. Meanwhile, academic institutions and biotechnology companies continue to research ways to delay the aging process even further. For example, biologists at the University of California, Los Angeles, recently announced that they have identified a gene, called AMPK, that they believe can slow the aging process throughout the entire body when activated remotely in key organ systems. When the scientists tested the theory on fruit flies, the insects’ lifespan increased by about 30%, and they stayed healthier longer.

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