What’s the Skinpact? By Dr. Kathy Fields 

We’ve seen it on the tennis court and the golf course, at marathon starting lines and on hiking and biking trails … “athlete’s face”—the dark tan and deep wrinkles from countless hours of unprotected exercise in the great outdoors.

From prematurely aged skin to blistering sunburns and skin cancer, the sun’s power to harm our skin is well documented, and I see the devastating effects every day in my medical practice. Whether you’re a pro athlete, weekend warrior or spectator in the stands, use this trio of play-safe tips so your skin—and health—don’t have to pay the price later.

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Ecard of the Month 

The sun never quits and neither should your sunscreen habits. While skin-burning UVB rays are strongest from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., aging UVA rays are as strong at lunchtime on the beach as they are at cocktail hour by the pool and require protection from sun up to sun down.

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By The Book: Lip Service Redefined 

Lips feeling lousy this summer? If so, it’s not surprising. The thin skin on lips is particularly sensitive and vulnerable to showing signs of aging and dryness, conditions that are exacerbated by summertime sun exposure, chlorine and salt water.

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The Doctors Are In … 

Biking, hiking, tennis, golf, horseback riding or beach volleyball … whatever your summer exercise pleasure is, we say go for it. Exercising increases your circulation, delivers vital nutrients to your skin, reduces stress and slows the aging process.

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Coffee with Mary: What basic skincare products should I bring to my dorm? 

Tune in to our newest webisode of Coffee with Mary for advice on your journey to great skin … all in the time you could drink a cup of coffee. In this week’s webisode, Mary talks about what basic skincare products you should bring to your dorm.

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Did You Know … Exercise can help your 40-year-old skin look half its age? 

If you’re sweating it out with exercise, you’re not only working towards a firmer physique, but you also could be reversing the signs of aging, according to a promising new study by researchers at McMaster University in Canada.

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Don’t Sweat It 

As we head into the homestretch of summer and temperatures soar, your skin—the connection between the outside world and your body—is the first to respond. Whether it’s a change in moisture level (sweat), color (sunburn) or temperature (heat rash), when life happens, skin reacts.

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